#vDM30in30 Day 5 – VMware Cloud on AWS



The best of public and private clouds are now combined to provide a true hybrid cloud.   VMware is the leader in Enterprise private cloud computing, and Amazon AWS is the leader in the public cloud. VMware Cloud on AWS was announce last month and this is a major change and a win win for everyone.

VMware will run VMware VSAN, NSX and vSphere ESXi managed by vCenter on AWS Global Data Centers.  The AWS Global Footprint and using VMware NSX for moving workloads between private and public clouds creating a true hybrid cloud.  Enterprises can use the Full VMware stack they use today and now have capability of expansion to the public cloud using VMware.  VMware Private Cloud and Cloud Foundry can now be deployed on AWS baremetal servers running VMware.  This service is not really infrastructure as a service cloud and more of a managed service provided by  VMware Cloud on AWS.


One of the cool services is Elastic DRS and it is a new service that allows enterprises to Auto-scale to scale up and scale down taking advantage of AWS Elasticity and leveraging VMware DRS for load balancing.

VMware Cloud on AWS uses a shared responsibility model.  VMware is responsible for the hardware and software for running vSphere – responsible for ESXi. The client is responsible for virtual machines and the applications- Set policy for service management.

VMware on AWS is a service is that requires customer to have 2 accounts:

  1. VMware Account – VMware charges for VMware Services
  2. AWS Account – charges for AWS Services (S3, Glacier, RDS, Redshift, etc..)


VMware Cloud on AWS will be available next year around VMworld 2017 (August). Currently it is in Technology Preview and you can sign up to receive news and updates, or indicate interest in applying for the beta here.

Same VMware vSphere Tools you used on premise today can be used to vMotion virtual machines to AWS Cloud and be managed through vCenter as done today. A true hybrid cloud enabling Enterprises to manage workloads from a single pane of glass – VMware on AWS.


VMware Cloud on AWS – Twitter: @vmwarecloud

Here are some suggested videos:

Pat Gelsinger and Andy Jassy Unveil VMware Cloud on AWS (Oct 26, 2016)                        Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO, and Andy Jassy, AWS CEO, unveil VMware and Amazon Web Services Partnership Announcement



Dr. Matt Wood, AWS GM, Product Strategy and Mark Lohmeyer, VMware VP Products, Demo VMware Cloud on AWS – VMware and Amazon Web Services Partnership Announcement

Watch this short video to get an overview of VMware Cloud on AWS.

VMworld 2016 Barcelona   – INF7849R – VMware Cloud on AWS – A Closer Look 10/19/2016 12:30 PM RST Duration 59:40 Presenters: Alex Jauch, Frank Denneman



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