#vDM30in30 Day 8 – Dreams, Passion, Learning?!

What is your dream?

I have 3 boys and I tell the to dream big, then plan and then execute.    The thing is to take action and follow your dreams. If it does not work out that’s ok, because that is part of  life and a big part of the learning process.  It did not work out, so what?  What you learn and can take away from this experience is what is important.  What can you learn from this failure or error?  What can you do next time to avoid repeating the same error?  It is all a learning process and when you get it right you get closer to whatever that goal or one thing you are pursing to catch that dream.

What is your passion?

Also I tell my boys do what makes you happy, be passionate about what you do.  Love what you do and go after it.  That way when you get a job, you do not find yourself wanting to stay in bed in the morning and complaining about having to go to work.  Find out what you are passionate about.  When you are passionate about something  are automatically  excited about what you do.   The next thing you know is you know find yourself feeling blessed because you are doing what you love to do and the bonus is they pay you to do what you are passionate about and what you are good at.

How are you learning?

School and education is a life-long thing.  We learn something new everyday.  I am a technologist at heart and love innovation.  When I first went to college in the early 80’s we use to program using punch cards and running batch jobs on time sharing systems.  It amazing how technology has advanced since then.  Now we have apple watches and iPhones and these devices have more power than several large rooms filled with computing power. Also who would ever had imagine wireless networks?   Everything we now uses wireless networks for internet,  for streaming Games,  TV and Movies.  Even how we consume technology has changed for instance instead of watching live television broad casts we watch what we want to watch on demand and when we want to watch it.  Even the Nelson Ratings is obsolete because we do not watch TV as we did in the past.  All these devices and the demand for any device, any where and any time is amazing and has changed how we consume multimedia. Also now the Internet of Things changing everything, for example house automation, security systems, robots and drones.  The evolution of technology and the future is exciting.  Everything is going to the cloud, how will all this be managed?  It will all be managed by a smart phone or smart device by talking to Siri on Apple or Alexa on Amazon, simply amazing.

So where am I going with all this?  

Dreaming big, being passionate and continuous learning is what has got us here.  Learning Technology is something I am considering as  I have decided to go back to school to work on a Masters of Learning Technology at the University of North Texas in the Spring of 2017.

My goals are to learn how to deploy and implement various research technologies.  To understand how to best leverage Instructional Systems Technology (IST) in industry and academia. My focus of study will be to research and synthesize Emerging Technologies, Technology Integration and Cyber Infrastructure.  Base on my research I intend to write white papers, use technologies and tools accordingly.   To develop and map various use cases and to defined a set of repeatable patterns for solving a particular issue or problem.  I will explorer different models and frameworks in an effort to better understand which technology to use and when.


As mentioned earlier life-long learning and continuous professional development is key to me and my success.  I plan to work hard, play hard and I am passionate about Emerging Technologies, Technology Integration and Cyber Infrastructure.  It is my passion for learning and my desire to share and communicate my solution findings along with collaborating with others is what makes us successful.  Wish me luck!


About wmichel

Cloud Architect, NetApp A-Team, vExpert, VMUG Leader, AWS-SAA, TOGAF, ITIL, CISSP, USMC, Mariachi, Gaucho-Texano & Dad A seasoned architect and technologist at heart that loves innovation and playing with cloud computing, data center virtualization, operating systems, and information security.
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