Participate In The DFW VMUG Hackathon — Come Learn And Have Fun!

As we plan for our first DFW VMUG Hackathon, we need your help and input.  We are expecting to kick off our first event this year in mid-November and in order to get things rolling, we are requesting that participants please contribute to the brainstorming process and in the spirit of brainstorming please dream about what you would like to do and what you would like to get out of participating.  As my son would say, sharing is caring, so please share.

“Calling for Hackathon Ideas!”

So please share your thoughts and add your ideas to the”DFW Hackathon Ideas“, google doc. To lead by example and to help get things kicked off and get those wheels turning for ideas brainstorming, here is our first entry idea from @ryandotclair:

Hack Idea: IFTTT-like Platform for the Data Center

  • Elevator Pitch: An Event & Action based framework that’s chainable and pluggable. Think “vRO for the simple person”. The event could be like a high CPU/Memory utilization, filesystem running out of capacity, a new VM has been provisioned, an API call, or someone moving a VM from a PCI network to a non-PCI network. Actions could be adding resources (CPU/Memory/Storage), removing old snapshots, texting/emailing someone, deleting/suspending/deploying a VM, creating a slack notification, etc. Idea is to allow someone to mix and match Events with Action(s). A stretched goal is making it pluggable (anyone can make an Event or Action).
  • Idea Lead: Ryan Clair

Also to better understand which day works best for you in November?
Please only fill out this “Hackathon Meetup Scheduling Survey” so we can better plan for the:

  • Best time to meet up for a few hours (3-4)
  • Hackathon Location & Logistics
  • Sponsor(s) for Refreshments and Snacks

In my previous post “VMware {code} and VMware Cloud Services Inspires DFW VMUG Hackathon!“,  I also mentioned on how to join our #DFW-Hackathon slack channel, here is a quick summary:

  1. Join the VMware {code} program for free:
  2. Receive personal Slack invite immediately upon registration
  3. Follow the instructions (accept invite, create account etc.)
  4. Boom, you’re in! Now head on over to the channels, and find DFW-hackathon.

If for whatever reason you have any issues, please DM @ryandotclair or @wmichel on the twitters for help.

Thanks to everyone for contributing and participating, we are looking forward to an exciting and fun DFW VMUG Hackathon!

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