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NSX 6.2 Fundamentals 101 Link-O-Rama

This is a bunch of VMware NSX links for getting started with fundamentals.

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Extending a logical volume in a Centos VM running on VMware

The purpose of this article is to help any one extend a logical volume in Centos VM that is running on VMware Workstation. I started with VMware KB 1006371 which is a good start and there was couple of fill … Continue reading

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VCP Journey, What a ride it has been?!

I have played with VMware vSphere for years and started back in the VCP 3.5 days, while developing and creating VMware solutions in 2008 at Sun.  Back in the day I was part of a team know as the “Solutions Factory Team” … Continue reading

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Virtualizing Active Directory on VMware

The question came up today regarding if Microsoft Active Directory could be virtualized using VMware? At first I thought, that is a no brainer, why not?  It seems logical that it could.  So I asked some IT friends, and of … Continue reading

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