#vDM30in30 Day 3 – VBrownBag LATAM







The vBrownBag Podcast and community is great for IT professional growth and inspiration!

Kudos and thanks to the leadership team of  Cody Bunch and the vBrownBag Crew.

The outstanding members of the vBrownBag (vBB) Crew live their passion for community and technology week and in and week out producing an excellent weekly world class IT Podcast.  These bunch of intelligent and charismatic IT leaders are uber-geeks who have created a global community about geeks and for geeks.  They help educate community members by providing professional grass root training, career guidance and development.  This is truly a career enhancing geek organization that is all about educating the IT community and teaching its members the important principals of how to give back to community and how to pay it forward.

I first heard of vBrownBag  back in 2013 when Cody Bunch decided to focus on OpenStack and moved from VMware focus to OpenStack focus. Back in the days I too was trying to figure out what all the excitement was about OpenStack and so started participating in vBB podcasting series called “Couch to OpenStack” led by Cody.

Then at VMware Partner Exchange in 2014 I had the privilege of meeting the vBrownBag LATAM leader Kyle Murley.  Side note, I speak Spanish as my parents are from Mexico and I also learned Portuguese because my wife is from Brazil. So at the request and with a little coaching from Kyle, I did my first vBB podcast in Spanish.  In 2015 I followed up with  another podcast and this time the topic was an “Introduction to NSX”.  So, I am excited to say that the vBB LATAM community continues to grow, and at the VMworld 2016 I had my first opportunity to give 2 vBrownBag TechTalks (Spanish/English). A special thanks to Kyle and Alastair Cooke for the coaching and inspiring me to present and to the vBB community for their support.  Here is a picture of some of the vBB LATAM members at VMworld 2016 on the vBrownBag Stage.


So as you can see, both the vBrownBag and vBrownBag LATAM communities have taught me many things and to also have learned to give back and to pay it forward.  Please consider joining one of our vBrownBag Podcasts or TechTalks to help inspire and broaden your horizons!  🙂


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