Morpheus at Cloud Field Day 11 (#CFD11) – Day 3

“Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.”

Paul Maritz, Former VMware CEO

This June I was honored to selected as one of the Cloud Field Day Delegates for CFD11. First I want to say thank you to Stephen Foskett and all of the Tech Field Day Crew for allowing me the opportunity to network, learn, and have fun!

Even though this was a virtual event it was a good bonding experience with the other delegates and the sponsors provided thought-provoking talks.   Thank you to all the delegates and #CFD11 sponsors for the live interactive sessions and enlightening my cloud journey.

If you have never attended Cloud Field Day and want to be a future delegate please check out “Become a Field Day Delegate”.  Also if looking to present as a sponsor please check out  “Sponsor Tech Field Day – Tech Field Day”.   

Morpheus Data Cloud Field Day 11

All of the talks were excellent and this is just a  highlight on Morpheus Data,  “Manage Hybrid Clouds and Modernize Apps”.  The Morpheus Cloud Management Platform (CMP) simplifies self-provisioning provides automation and orchestration, and now includes the cost management.  The Morpheus presenters were  Adam HicksBrad ParksDavid EstesMartez Reed, and you can find their presentations at “Morpheus Data Presents at Cloud Field Day 11”.

The Morpheus cloud management automation and orchestration provides simplicity’s for the various deployment models for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.  The Morpheus products and services enable faster go-to-market enablement and provide visibility to help reduce cloud costs.  The following diagram reflects the echo system and some of the popular key integrations and applications:

Morpheus does a good job of integrating the best of breed 3rd party software and creating a powerful but simple workflow for automation, orchestration and cost visualization.  Check out this Morpheus, Self-Service Case Study to better understand how they use persona-based approach for solutions – How did AstraZeneca take provisioning time from days to minutes? 

Morpheus is really good at bridging the gaps to help automate, orchestrate, and for discovery.  They support and integrate very well with Terraform and have their own Morpheus Terraform Provider.

In summary, Morpheus roots are in automation and orchestration, and the tool does an awesome job in enabling enterprise self-service provisioning.  The most exciting part for me is they added cost management as part of their holistic solution.  The beauty of Morpheus is it provides the glue for workflows and simplifies automation management while eliminating complexities and a plethora of disjoint automation software sprawl. 

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