What is IntSights?

“Cybersecurity is a new area where equality will exist to allow intelligence to succeed.”

Ian R. McAndrew, PhD

IntSights Cyber Threat Intelligence and External Threat Protection is a cybersecurity suite.  

The following three topics will help us to understand IntSights capabilities at a high level.

1) Intelligence-driven security provider

2) Delivers rapid and accurate cyber threat intelligence

3) Incident mitigation

Intelligence-driven security provider

Insights is a security provider that can provide business-critical threat intelligence to small business and medium enterprise customers. Today security leaders and teams can be inundated and need help analyzing large volumes of security data and logs. IntSights allows for the automation, correlation and provides the intelligence to identify critical cyber threats that can negatively impact a business security posture.

Deliver rapid and accurate cyber threat intelligence

By providing quality monitoring and alerting is key for rapid and timely responses to cyberthreats. Insights improve security by minimizing the noise and false positives. IntSights unique and intelligent data mining algorithms quickly identify, analyze and prioritize threats that are harmful to the business.

Incident mitigation

IntSights enhances the cybersecurity posture by improving resilience and mitigating risks. Protecting against data leakage, compromising account credentials, phishing protection, and exposure of critical infrastructure resources and vulnerabilities.


IntSights provides enterprise-grade external threat intelligence capabilities that lower security costs and minimizes security risks. It improves cybersecurity protection that scales to meet business-critical demands.

IntSights – External Threat Intelligence – Threat Intelligence Platform overview

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