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Come join the fun, network and learn how to enable your business for an outstanding hybrid cloud experience with VMware Cloud on AWS (VMConAWS) .


Join NEW VMUG VMConAWS Community!

We have started this *NEW* VMUG VMConAWS Community to help everyone get started on their hybrid cloud journey.  Come join the community and lets learn together as you  try out VMConAWS.  We would love to make this a collaborative learning experience so once signed up please ask questions and provide feedback to let us know what you think about this hybrid cloud offering, what works and what needs work.

What is VMConAWS?

VMConAWS is a VMware Managed Service offering enabling VMware Customers to utilize their current VMware knowledge, expertise and custom scripts in the AWS Cloud.  No need to retrain IT staff or convert virtual machines to a new format.  Leverage the best of practices from the leading cloud leaders for the private cloud (VMware)  and public (AWS) for providing a  world class hybrid cloud solution that will save you time and money.  This cloud solution is based on dedicated bare metal AWS servers running VMware Cloud Foundations (vSphere ESXi, NSX and vSAN).


Couple things about VMConAWS:

  • VMware Cloud on AWS is a paid service.  You can choose to pay per hour, or reserve hosts for 1 or 3 years.  Full details can be found on the pricing page.
  • There is a Single-Host SDDC 30-day trial available to help get your feet wet for quick proof of concepts for non-production deployments.
  • Also as with all cloud based services and to avoid surprise expense overruns, please make sure to set aside enough budget to cover the cost of a full 30-day trial.  Assuming the introductory price of $5.60 per hour, the total cost of 30 days could be as high as $4100, plus network egress and public IP charges.  In addition, you may have charges associated with your connected Amazon VPC – these would be billed directly by Amazon.
  • Also check out HOL-1987-01-HBD – VMware Cloud on AWS – Getting Started

Please sign up for VMUG VMConAWS Community today!

You could be our next winner, sign up for a chance to WIN a free 30-day Single Host trial.  First join the VMUG VMware Cloud On AWS Community, and then fill out the contest form.  Winners are selected at random from the pool of entrants on a periodic basis.

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